Trillisale PoS
1405 Juan Tabo | Albuquerque, NM 87112 | 505.382.8231


Features and Tiers
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Employee Hourly Report
Labor Report
Sales by Item Reports
Payment Batching Report


Default Sales Tax
Receipt Configuration
Security screen timeout
Kitchen and Receipt Printers
*See here for printer compatibility integration


Add and Update Customers
Search by any customer information
Credit customers based on number of visits or dollars spent
Track customer credits redeemed

Customer Orders

View Order info at a glance
Split tickets effortlessly
Accept cash, card, check
Apply customer rewards to their order
In-app signature pad for credit card payments
Apply discounts to individual items
Apply percent-based discounts to entire order
View itemized breakdown of all order costs
Tax individual items at custom rates
Print customer receipts
Print kitchen receipts and receive reminder if you forget
Merge orders
Group menu items by category
Modify ingredients and costs
Modify ingredients and costs
Temperature modifiers
Custom modifiers
View number of items in order at a glance

Menu Management

Create menu categories
Publish or hide entire categories from being ordered
Add photo to represent category in app
Add menu items to menu categories
Mark menu items as in or out of stock
Add menu item to Rewards Program
Add photo to menu item for quick recognition

Employee Management

Clock in/out
Add and manage employees
Assign employee PIN number for authentication and tracability
Specify employee hourly rates
Assign access levels

Employee Scheduling

Create roles for each type of employee
Color code roles
Build schedules by adding roles to it
Assign employees to a shift
Employees can see their shifts online
Employees swap shifts with manager approval, but without his involvment!
System enforces proper employee skillset for swapping shifts


Tables and Floor Plan

Create floor plan with tables
Reposition tables easily
Name tables
Number of seats
Create and open orders from table layout


Add inventory
Specify unit of measurement
Set Par level
Receive reminder when inventory drops below par level
Specify extra cost per unit of inventory item/td>
Make adjustments to inventory stock

Order Modifications

Add Order Modifications or sides
Specify cost
Specify ingredients for each order mod or side
Ingredients automatically deducted from inventory when side is ordered


Accept cash, card, check, and gift card
Apply customer to order to credit them for Rewards Program
Apply gratuity to card payments
In-app signature screen

Server Bank

Record cash lent to waiters
Calculate server take home and house share
Available in App Store
Coming soon to Google Play Store